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If you’re looking for information and education about MLM/Network Marketing – without a lot of hype and confusing material -- you’ve come to the right place.


MLM Expert - Beverly Nadler While creating the pages for this site, I googled “MLM’ and 38,000,000 sites came up!! When I googled “Network Marketing” 11,600,000 sites came up!!   There were also 479,000 opportunities!

Wow! No wonder people are confused about this multi-billion dollar industry. Of course, there’s a lot of overlapping of material, but my point is, it’s easy to become overwhelmed – so overwhelmed some people quit the industry even before they get started.

And that’s too bad!    When you understand MLM -- and that really isn’t so hard if you have clear information -- and you choose the right company for YOU, you can greatly increase your income and financial situation, regardless of the problems with the economy!

The articles on this user-friendly site will educate you about the industry.

I hope you’ll return often and send your colleagues and associates… especially the people that you want to have a better understanding of the industry.

Now please read:    What You Should Know About MLM/Network Marketing   .”    It will give you more knowledge than dozens of articles put together and clear up a lot of myths and misconceptions about the industry. The information in that article ends some of the confusion people have about MLM. After you’ve read it, move on to the other articles. You will get an amazing education in a very short time!

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NOTE:   I have an MLM Audio Training Course that explains the MLM/Network Marketing industry very clearly.   The Course originally sold for $139, and is in a 12 tape format, which I do not intend to convert into CDs, as some of the material is not applicable today. However, MOST of the information is about the “mind-set” that is CRUCIAL for success in this industry…and HOW to create it.   No one else is teaching this!

I’ve been told this Course, called “You Can Be Successful in MLM” is a goldmine of information for networkers AND sales people! After you read my articles, if you believe the audios I created could be valuable to you, consider whether you’d like the Course.   If so, I will send it to you for only $59, incl sh/hd. Let me know by sending an email to    with “audios” in subject line.

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